About Us

Welcome to - Fire & Fury Fitness!

We are a team that love being active. All types of Fitness activities. Dancing, Weights, Boxing and lots more!

We started with a dream; the dream was to create not only a quality clothing brand but to create a motivational motto to inspire others!

We imagined how great that would be! Not only wearing our own designed clothing but to motivate others and inspire those to FIRE YOUR FURY... Never in a million years would we ever thought we would actually create it!

This was one idea and concept that was not getting pushed aside - So... FIRE & FURY FITNESS was born...!

Our Motivational Motto is FIRE YOUR FURY - The Motto is designed to encourage those to step out of their comfort zones to seek change! To realise that only stepping away from their comfort zones, will allow change to happen!


Our thoughts in a nutshell:

We believe if you have a fitness passion; believe in yourself and never back down for anyone. Let's be honest, there will always be haters. Those people who don't understand the passion and drive you have to better your health and feel great about being you. 

Never doubt yourself! You honestly don't know what power you hold inside that can drive you to conquer dreams you never thought possible.

We believe we have created a brand and an idea to FIRE YOUR FURY - to Fire the Fury inside to help you reach your goals. To push yourself harder, stronger and faster.


If we could give you any advice, it would be stay true to yourself. Believe in yourself always, no matter who tries to steer you off your path. 


There is no time for negativity in our lives.. Life is too short to listen to those deadbeats who doubt you. Haters make the passion stronger. So use it and give them something to really talk about haha.

Surround yourself with positive people, you will reap not only a healthier life but general well-being. 


A Quick Thank you:

We'd both like to show our thanks and appreciation to those along this (what seems like a long journey to get here) that we wouldn't be where we are today, without you.

So thank you to Maria; seriously the hours you have put in to help us, we can't thank you enough. You're the best! 

Ange, Jules, Saleem, Kyle and Kaylah for being our photo support and for your input and help with photos and our families for their continued support.

Our suppliers; without them we wouldn't have the amazing quality gear we have today.

Without your help, knowledge and thoughts along the way, we wouldn't be able to make a dream a reality!

So Thank you!


Well that's it for a spiel 'About Us' 

All the best for your fitness goals, and hope our clothing motto's gives you a motivation to keep on going!

And Remember FIRE YOUR FURY! 



Team Fire Fury